What is Modular Construction?

How can it help you build better workspaces?

Find out below. Get access to our latest ebook and gain unique insights on the Corporate Real-Estate industry.

Businesses worldwide must navigate unpredictable market conditions and double down on their efforts to cut carbon emissions. Additionally, the way employees interact with the office has changed due to hybrid work.

This ebook shows how Modular Construction can address these challenges and revolutionize workspace construction.

Office work will never be the same, and neither should your workspaces.

What you will learn in this ebook:

Part 1: Navigating the Post-Covid Workplace landscape

Flexible work arrangements are now considered an integral part of a good work-life balance. Companies will have to rethink their office strategy if they want to accommodate this new reality.

The number of employees benefitting from more than 2 days of work-from home per week.

Part 2: Defining Modular Construction

Modular Construction offers better quality builds, shorter lead time, and reduced environmental impact. Projects of all sizes and types can capture these benefits when the right conditions are met.

The lead time reduction reported by Marriott International to deliver their project.

Part 3: Maximizing efficiency for tertiary workspace projects

Traditional office construction is plagued with inefficiencies and hinders future transformations. Modular designs and building methods can help office owners to future-proof their facilities.

The lead time reduction achievable for office projects

Part 4: Common pitfalls and how to avoid them

These methods also come with several drawbacks. It is important for corporate occupiers to be aware of them, and to adopt the right design approach early on.

The upfront cost increase associated with Modular Construction

Part 5: Best practices for exemplary implementation

A specialist architect shares with us his views on the current shifts happening in the world of office design and his experience with Modular Interior Construction.

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