Our single door solutions form a highly-protected and stable barrier when combined with our partition systems. Each model can be adapted according to your needs. We also provide a set of electric doors to meet specific constraints.

Ultra-clean warranty

All our “cleanroom” products are manufactured with high levels of precision. Our systems are designed using high-quality electro-galvanized steel to ensure a cleanliness level suitable for controlled environments. The surfaces are treated to provide superior resistance to chemical cleaning agents. We apply a 100% polyester paint layer, 70 µm thick, which is oven-baked at high temperatures. This process results in scratch, impact, and UV resistance. It also ensures minimal emissions of volatile organic compounds, which is ideal for a controlled environment. Our products are also designed with limited leakage flow to facilitate the application of silicone seals on-site. Lastly, we pay special attention to designing products that are easy to clean, with flush glazing, minimal overlaps and joints, and a limited number of connections. Everything is carefully considered to ensure the optimal operation of your cleanrooms.

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What if you chose a circular interior fit-out?Hybrid workspaces?agile workspaces?consistent acoustic performance?
What if you chose
a circular interior fit-out?