Our range of suspended ceilings fully meets the technical requirements for the construction of highly sensitive environments. Their tightness and robustness make them essential for areas with high impact, requiring the integration of complex ventilation systems.

Ultra-clean warranty

All our “cleanroom” products are manufactured with high levels of precision. Our systems are designed using high-quality electro-galvanized steel to ensure a cleanliness level suitable for controlled environments. The surfaces are treated to provide superior resistance to chemical cleaning agents. We apply a 100% polyester paint layer, 70 µm thick, which is oven-baked at high temperatures. This process results in scratch, impact, and UV resistance. It also ensures minimal emissions of volatile organic compounds, which is ideal for a controlled environment. Our products are also designed with limited leakage flow to facilitate the application of silicone seals on-site. Lastly, we pay special attention to designing products that are easy to clean, with flush glazing, minimal overlaps and joints, and a limited number of connections. Everything is carefully considered to ensure the optimal operation of your cleanrooms.

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What if you chose a circular interior fit-out?Hybrid workspaces?agile workspaces?consistent acoustic performance?
What if you chose
a circular interior fit-out?