Clestra has pioneered the manufacturing and deployment of Modular interior fit-out systems for tertiary workspaces and controlled environments since the early 20th century. Our unique industrial capabilities give us unparalleled control over our supply chain, from design to onsite installation and servicing. Global environmental and organizational changes are key drivers of our development.

  • 3 plants
  • 17 subsidiaries
  • More than 50 agents and representations
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Our worlwide presence

Clestra is a global group with large-scale manufacturing capabilities spread accross 5 factories and 2 continents. Our multicultural teams operate among our 22 subsidiaries where they collaborate actively on international projects whilst striving to achieve the highest standard for quality. Our 5 factories are always looking for continuous improvements and consistently reach the highest manufacturing quality across the world. Our factories are located in:

  • Illkirch-Graffenstaden near Strasbourg, France.
  • In Taicang near Shanghai, China.
  • In Gumi near Seoul, South-Korea.

Clestra is also growing its international dealer network to address overseas markets and maintain an active presence.

Our Mission

Today organizations must rely on their agility and resilience to grow successful in an ever-changing environment. In this respect, planning each buildings’ lifecycle ahead has become a key factor to design sustainable and high-performing infrastructures.

Construction projects are both time-consuming and resource-intensive. Combining evolving construction solutions and efficient methods, Clestra empowers its clients with unparalleled control over their development process. Increasing the efficiency of work environments and occupants to shape all futures, that is our commitment to our clients.

A mid-sized company


Like all ETIs, the Clestra Group is an important player in the French economy. As the standard-bearer for “working and producing” in France, we are committed to creating jobs in the region.

At Clestra, we are proud to be an ETI, and to be part of a community of companies that share the same values and ambition for our national economic fabric.

employees worldwide

Our Story

Generations of passionate men and women have written Clestra’s history since its early days and continue to do so. Along with our partners in the industry, we are proud to keep creating modern work environments and advanced facilities, and shaping all futures for our clients.


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