The widespread adoption of digital technologies has the potential to profoundly transform the construction ecosystem. This is especially true in the construction of critical infrastructures and advanced facilities. Since our inception, our DNA has always been about revolutionizing our industry through technical innovations, to improve the quality of our projects and contribute to the future success of our clients. Today, more than ever, we leverage digital technologies to serve your ambitions.

Collaborative design and planning

Clestra employs the latest digital tools of the industry to support your cleanroom projects. From the conceptual phase to coordination with other trades, our entire project approach is centered around the use of Building Information Modeling (BIM) tools. As such, Clestra can participate in any project carried out in coordination with teams working according to these principles, with a constant focus on efficiency gains. Our quantity surveys and transmission of production orders are carried out using the same 3D model, ensuring ongoing transparency. During the project execution, our teams update the progress of work on the shared model to facilitate coordination with other stakeholders.

Future-proof your clean rooms with digital tools

The benefits of BIM applications do not stop at the handover of your new facilities. Clestra believes in the importance of BIM in monitoring building operation and supporting future needs. We work closely with Facility Managers and operating teams to plan the next evolutions of your cleanrooms and facilitate their daily maintenance. By combining our expertise in modular construction and the digitization of architectural design, we are able to respond to your requests in record time and carry out each space transformation quickly and efficiently.

Virtual visit

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