Your company’s space requirements evolve as your organization grow and attract new talents. Workspaces should be built to accompany these changes and keep their performances along their lifecycle. Clestra embed agility and resilence into your work environments. Here’s how:

Adapting to keep growing

Adapt your work environment to every type of work organization. Foster creativity and collaboration by building hybrid spaces, open offices and collaboration areas quickly and hassle-free. Office work will never be the same, so shall your workspaces.

A new path to value creation with Clestra

Supporting change

Our Service teams can perform any revamping of your spaces in record-time, leveraging the full flexibility offered by Modular construction systems. Transformations are quiet, clean and highly-efficient, leaving no spaces unoccupied because of delayed renovations.

Ensuring occupants Wellbeing

Indoor air quality can be significantly impacted by the type and quality of materials used in office fit-out. Built in controlled environments, our factory-finished construction solutions offer some of the highest standards for VOC emissions. No additional materials or sealant are needed to complete on-site installation either. You could even have them installed in your premises while occupants are around!

Working together to reduce occupiers’ environmental footprint

Growing environmental concerns force construction players to actively improve their processes and execution. Choosing prefabricated solutions means most of the builder’s work for your project will be conducted in factory, where stringent environmental standards are applied. On-site processes will then be significantly reduced and little to no waste be generated. Later on, our circular ecosystem will prolong the lifecycle of your installations through reusability and recycling.



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