Harness the potential of Modular offsite construction paired with digital modeling tools to reduce delays and start operating your facilities in record time. The multiple challenges faced by lifescience industries players call for reliable partners who can commit on delivering best-in-class equipments and services rapidly. We, at Clestra, strive to be the best in our field to support our lifescience clients and partners.

Agile controlled environments
designed to grow with you

Modular construction systems, when supported by robust digital tools and process, turn your cleanrooms into flexible structures able to evolve with your activity. Clestra guarantees the most stringent level of safety and reliability while increasing your facilities’ lifecycle.

A new path to value creation with Clestra

One partner, multiple services

Cleanrooms are complex structures for which multiple parameters are aggregated along project stages to ensure the highest levels of performance and safety. From inital design to operational qualification, Clestra acts as a unique partner able to handle all project stages until final delivery, whilst coping with the most stringent safety regulations. We believe trust is a powerful lever for performance and safety. It remains our main priority when building relationships with our partners.

Modular insulating barrier

Our Modular partition and ceiling systems are all manufactured in our own factories where the most stringent quality assessment processes are taking places. Each production stage is carefully monitored to eliminate any potential contamination of our products, while our continuous improvement programs ensure the utmost reliability of our processes. Our manufacturing efficiency then allows for minimal site intervention thanks to pre-dimensioning and supply chain optimization.

Turnkey Cleanrooms

“From preliminary study to commissioning”

Building cleanrooms requires a deep understanding of operations which will be carried in the premises, as well as technical requirements and biosafety levels. Clestra is committed to reduce risks and uncertainties of cleanroom projects by being your one-stop shop partner for your cleanroom needs, from preliminary studies to final qualification and validation of the environment.



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