Clestra’s expertise covers all the elements required for the construction of modern controlled environments. By adopting our modular construction systems, you ensure superior and durable performance across all your cleanroom facilities. Our teams of specialists will guide you and propose the most suitable technical solutions for your business to achieve the required containment levels.

Maximize your ROI

Our mechanical junction building components provide superior flexibility during maintenance operations and future reconfigurations. Your facilities can adapt to business changes and the evolution of your processes. Forget about costly cycles of demolition, design, and reconstruction typically associated with traditional controlled environments.

Protect your initial investment

All our products are assembled and finished in factory. This significantly reduces the number of steps and time required during installation on-site. This time-saving results in a faster installation pace compared to competing solutions, while drastically minimizing potential errors and damages.

Research & Development

Clestra Hauserman keeps on improving its processes and solutions through continuous innovation effort. Our main innovation axis are:

  • Designing new and innovative products.
  • Tests and expertise, enabling official certification in the mechanical, acoustic, seismic, fire and air conditioning fields.
  • Technical and engineering advices.
  • Researching new, more sustainable materials.
  • Continuous enhancement of our processes through digital transformation.


Performant and sturdy ceiling enclosure


The highest interior


Secure interior

Tailor-made solutions

Technical customizations and equipment integrations

What if you chose a circular interior fit-out?Hybrid workspaces?agile workspaces?consistent acoustic performance?
What if you chose
a circular interior fit-out?