Go beyond conventional fit-out methods. Create inspiring workplaces for your team to meet and collaborate while preserving full-scale flexibility.

Maximize your ROI

Forget about costly fit-out/strip-out cycles everytime you need to modify your space. Our modular construction systems are designed to respond to your organizational changes. Once deployed, never discarded.

Vertical working surfaces

Your walls become another working surface, thanks to their magnetic properties coupled with our range of accessories.

Research & Development

Clestra Hauserman keeps on improving its processes and solutions through continuous innovation effort. Our main innovation axis are:

  • Designing new and innovative products.
  • Tests and expertise, enabling official certification in the mechanical, acoustic, seismic, fire and air conditioning fields.
  • Technical and engineering advices.
  • Researching new, more sustainable materials.
  • Continuous enhancement of our processes through digital transformation.


Performance at the heart of your spaces


Between openness and privacy

Operable walls

Modulate your rooms in one move


Make room for calm and individual concentration


Your identity, your performance tools. All integrated.

What if you chose a circular interior fit-out?Hybrid workspaces?agile workspaces?consistent acoustic performance?
What if you chose
a circular interior fit-out?