What does the future hold for tertiary workspaces after the pandemic?

Exploring the latest trends in the industry, what the future of the workspace construction will look like and how considering future global events may impact your design choice, there’s a lot to discuss in 2023.

This eBook is a tool that can help you navigate these topics and find inspirations for your next workspace projects.

What you will learn in this ebook:

Part 1: Making the office worth it

The prolonged work form home periods most employees experienced have spurred profound changes among the workforce. Transforming the purpose of the office in the era of remote working will bring significant value to companies.

Part 2: Hygiene and Wellbeing, New factors to consider

Following prolonged lockdowns,  improving mental health, wellbeing and hygiene within the workplace needs to be at the top of companies’ priorities.

Part 3: Transformable Workspaces

As people flow back to offices, it is time to go further and embed resiliency directly into workspaces. Offices must be turned into flexible assets able to support a company’s business transformations.

Part 4: Mitigating Carbon Footprint through Circularity

The built environment sector’s contribution to global warming is tremendous: the sector is accountable for about 39% of total global carbon emissions. Rethinking the way offices are built can be a significant source of carbon offset.

Office work will never be the same, nor should your workspaces.

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