Fire-resistance, simplicity and acoustic insulation

Clestra Asia unveils its proprietary single-glazed, fire-rated partition system. Rated for ‘Insulation & Integrity’, the system is suitable for compartmentalizing sensitive areas. It provides high-level fire protection to users whilst achieving impressive acoustic insulation performance.

Fire-rated partitions are becoming more common in workspace design to comply with stricter building codes. To this end, Clestra designed this system as a multi-function architectural element. It can achieve high acoustic insulation on top of its fire-resistant properties. By placing the system strategically, it can be located within a workspace without affecting its overall design.

Such locations include the protection of escape routes, corridors, and lift lobbies. By creating fire-resistant pathways, the landlord demonstrates a commitment to risk reduction. This can eventually reduce insurance premiums.

Partition design and construction

The C50 fire-rated partition is available as a frameless or framed partition system. Its centered glass sheets are encased in 50mm wide, 1.2mm top and bottom steel channels. Each steel profile is filled with fire-grade gypsum and Rockwool to enhance heat resistance. The framed configuration sees the addition of 58mm wide steel separation posts.

Although their structure is the same, both configurations come with different glass panels. Our framed C50 partition is delivered with 25mm-thick, 1-hour fireproof laminated Haojing glass. Its overall acoustic insulation reaches 42dB.

The frameless configuration is equipped with 23mm thick, 1-hour fireproof Laminated Pilkington glass. A 5mm fire-retardant silicate tape seals the glass sheets together. Its acoustic insulation reaches 41dB.

The system is certified Grade-A ‘Insulation and Integrity’. According to Chinese standard GFBQ-3030-I-1.0, the partition includes thermal break insulation materials that help to reduce heat radiation. Gypsum infill layers also prevent heat transmission through the partition


  • Height: Up to 3,000mm.

  • Width: Up to 1,500mm

  • Thickness: 89 mm

  • Channel height: 50mm (Top and Bottom).

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