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Using office partitions provides more than just a modern aesthetic. Find out how it can improve your entire workspace.

How Office Partitions Can Improve Workplace Collaboration

In a post-Covid world, how can you make the workspace more beneficial for those in it and the work that they do? 

In using something as innovative as modular construction, office partitions can help drive efficiency in your business and improve a range of things in your workspace including collaboration.  

In this blog, we are highlighting how using modular office partitions in your office fit outs can help improve the general collaboration that takes place in your business.  


Office Partitions Allow Collaborative Working 

The idea of being stuck in a small room behind a single desk facing in the same direction as their peers can bring on feelings of claustrophobia from your employees. 

Ensuring a more positive and enjoyable workspace, combatting the feeling of isolation, boredom and claustrophobia have all become important guiding principles in most Workplace managers’ playbook.  

Instead, you want your workspace to be a thriving environment of collaboration – something that can easily be achieved through the use of office partitions, movable furniture, and a more modular approach to construction. 

Having the likes of demountable partitioning and office screens that can be moved at will means your employees have the flexibility to physically create a collaborative space that works for them.


It might be a small team looking to work together on a group project, or your marketing department looking to create an area to bounce ideas back and forth; whatever it is, through the use of flexible office partitions, your team has the freedom to collaborate however they want.  

With the world returning back to relative normality, businesses are looking to find ways to increase this collaboration as employees return from working from home. This is highlighted by a recent studies that suggest that 55% of businesses are looking at ways to increase collaboration opportunities.  

The easiest way to achieve this and to see a benefit for your business is through using something as simple as office partitions when you’re looking at your office fit out.

Create A More Engaged Workforce 

Despite what you might think and see reported in the news, the office workspace isn’t dying. In fact, the World Economic Forum has found that globally, 25% of people do want to return to the office for a five-day week.  

It’s one thing to have employees that are hoping to return to the office based 9-5, but it is another to keep them engaged and doing the best possible work while they are there.  

Employee engagement is crucial to staff retention and increasing productivity in the workplace, too. So much so that studies show companies that have higher employee engagement are 21% more profitable. 

So, how can you create a more engaged and collaboration focused workforce?  

Essentially is comes down to their connection to their colleagues and surrounding environment. A mundane workspace with uninspired furniture and a formulaic layout is going to be less engaging than a dynamic workspace with office pods, modular furniture, and demountable partitions.  

As we’ve already discussed, this gives employees more freedom and creativity of their own workspace, allowing them to collaborate, connect and create.  

In turn this will drive engagement so that you can be safe in the understanding that your team not only wants to be in the workspace, but that they enjoy being there too.

Modular Office Partitions For Creative Sessions 

Long gone are the days of bland and lifeless cubicles taking the life out of already dark and enclosed spaces. The need for greater workspace collaboration will benefit not only those in the environment, but the wider business, too.   

Forbes has reported that something as simple as a view to the outside correlates to faster and better performance by 16%. With this in mind, many business owners are considering complete office fitouts and ways to bring the outside in, inspiring workers.  

What you need is a space that is open plan and full of natural light but with modular flexibility so you can offer employees the option to work however they feel comfortable, individually or through collaboration.  

Because workers have the flexibility to evolve the workspace they are in, by moving the modular partitions to suit, natural collaboration is a more common occurrence.  

Instead of designated areas for meeting rooms or idea sessions, business owners are discovering that creative sessions are happening more naturally. After all, it’s tough to put a time and place on something as important as creative collaboration. With a fit-out using modular office partitions, this collaboration is guaranteed to happen more frequently.  

Hot Desking Collaboration

With talents coming from broader horizons, you are going to want to make sure that the office space can cater to all of their needs.  

People need to be around people and collaborate, but also have the option to work in isolation. 

This means that a fit-out with hot desking options can be a cornerstone to the hybrid working approach taken by so many businesses today.  

There is no point in returning to work and being forced to sit in the same seat near the same people for 8-hours a day. This approach influences everything, from mental health to the amount of creativity and collaboration that can occur.  

A more flexible design, that offers phone booths, pods, and modular office partitions, combined with a hot desking philosophy means that people can work wherever and with whoever they want; a guaranteed method to increase collaboration opportunities.  

So, Are Modular Office Partitions a good fit for You? 

It really won’t take much for you to dramatically improve all aspects of your workspace and get your teams working more collaboratively.  

In introducing office partitions and demountable walls, you can take your office from a good place to work to a fantastic one, benefitting countless areas. This modular approach to your office fit-out makes the entire environment better to collaborate in.  

In turn, this increased collaboration can increase productivity and even profitability as your organisation benefits from a more dedicated, engaged and collaborating workforce. 

If you’d like to discuss these in more detail an find out what office partitions, phonebooths or pods would be best suited for your workspace, then speak to our expert team today, and get your business prepared for 2023.  

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