Clestra - Certifications

47 LICENSED MARKS: Cradle to Cradle Certified™ Bronze THE LICENSED MARKS IDENTIFIED ABOVE MAY BE LICENSED TO: CLESTRA HAUSERMAN FOR THE BELOW LISTED CERTIFIED PRODUCTS ASSOCIATED WITH THE NAME: CLESTRA HAUSERMAN 83mm Partition - Synops, Synchrone, Metropoline1, pleinAir Cradle to Cradle Products Innovation Institute START DATE CERTIFICATION # 28 June 2021 EXPIRATION DATE 4916 27 June 2023 LEAD ASSESSMENT BODY: Upcyclea Circular Engineering MATERIALHEALTHASSESSMENTBODY: ARCHE Consulting Only the following products are considered Certified Product(s) within the scope of this certification and the associated Trademark License Agreement: Partition 83mm Synops, Synchrone, pleinAir and Metropoline M1 CertifiedunderVersion 3.1of the Cradle toCradleCertified™ Product Standard Useof LicensedMarks is subject to termsandconditionsof theC2CPII Trademark LicenseAgreementand TrademarkUseGuidelines. Cradle toCradleCertified ™ isa registered trademarkof theCradle toCradleProducts Innovation Institute CRADLE TO CRADLE ® Clestra is Cradle to Cradle Certified ® Bronze for its solution ranges: . synOps . synchrOne . Metropolines 1 . pleinAir certifications and official test reports » Click here to see the details of certified products.