Clestra - Certifications

46 CRADLE TO CRADLE ® Committed to the future, Clestra has undertaken Cradle to Cradle ® certification for its entire range of partitions to guarantee increased quality to its customers and to be as close to the environment as possible. Cradle to Cradle ® is a globally recognized measure of safer, more sustainable products made for the circular economy. It makes it possible to verify that products, from their design to their recycling, create a positive impact on both people and the environment. The level of certification of a product is assessed according to the following five categories: Material health: this category ensures that products are made using chemicals that are as safe as possible for humans and the environment. Material reutilization: this caterory aims to eliminate the concept of waste by helping to ensure products remain in perpetual cycles of use and reuse from one product use cycle to the next. Renewable energy and carbon management: this category helps to ensure products are manufactured using renewable energy so that the impact of climate changing greenhouse gases due to the manufacturing of the product is reduced or eliminated. Water stewardship: this category helps ensure water is recognized as a valuable resource, watersheds are protected, and clean water is available to people and all other organisms. Social fairness: this category aims to design business operations that honor all people and natural systems affected by the manufacture of a product. certifications and official test reports