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49 certifications and official test reports EPD . What is the environmental impact of our products? . What resources, especially raw materials and energy, are consumed? . What waste and emissions are generated? The issues are wider than the products manufacturing context and require a complete study, known as a « Life cycle analysis ». According to standard NF EN 15804+A1:2014- 04, this is the « compilation and evaluation of the inputs, outputs and potential environmental impacts of a product system during its life cycle». The scopeof theLCA (LifeCycleAssessment) may vary depending on the number of stages in the product life cycle. The analysis may consist only of the production stage or of the production stage associated with selected stages of the life cycle. The scope of the LCA reaches its widest level when the full lifecycle is taken into account. This completeness consists of the production stage, installation in the building, use and maintenance, replacements, demolition, treating waste for reuse, recovery, recycling or disposal, meaning « from cradle to grave ». This standard is derived from the international standard ISO 14025. An environmental product declaration or an environmental and health declaration form is an independently verified and registered document environmental product declaration communicating transparent and comparable information on the environmental impact of the product life cycle. As a voluntary declaration of the life cycle environmental impact, the fact that a product is associated with an EPD (Environmental Product Declaration) does not imply that the declared product is superior to other products from an environmental point of view. The main purpose of the environmental declaration system is to enable and support organisations to communicate quantified environmental information about their product life cycles in a credible, comparable and comprehensible manner. For each of these stages, the environmental input and output parameters are also analyzed: . Energy . Raw materials . Water . Emissions and waste discharges . Waste The study creates a summary sheet which quantifies the impact indicators based on the flows emitted into and received from the natural environment in terms of: . consumption of resources . air, water and floor emissions . waste production At present, Clestra has at its disposal two collective EPD for the Metropolines 1 glass partition range. and two individual EPD for all solid panel ranges.