Clestra - Certifications

11 LEED ® leadership in energy and environmental design The LEED Green Building Rating System helps professionals to improve the quality of their buildings and their impact on the environment. This program not only has a positive impact on public health and the environment, but also reduces the overhead costs to keep the building running throughout its life, potentially improves the productivity of its occupants, and contributes to the creation of a sustainable society. LEED suppliesmarket-oriented voluntary rating systems based on accepted green building practices and energy saving principles. It seeks to strike a balance between established practices and new concepts. Currently the standard « LEED version 4.1: Building design and construction (LEED v.4.1 BD + C) » is in version 4.1 dated 25 July 2019. If we take this version into account, Clestra solutions have a direct favourable impact on the following twelve chapters: