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SYNCHRONE office partitions

Build detail
The joints are made by clipping onto a profile covered by the thickness of the panels.
Joint detail
A simple, minimal line type joint.
Synchrone is a metal or glass, movable monobloc partition. The panel sizes (600, 675 or 750 mm) make them easy to install.
Wiring management
Wiring can pass horizontally through the sill plate or vertically in the panel with removable covering.
The Synchrone wall is a metallic or glazed office partition which is monobloc, demountable and has been designed by Clestra Hauserman. The size of the panels (600, 675 or 750 mm) makes them easy to install. As the fixing system is integral to the panel, no joint covers are needed. The panels (full, glazed, with doors) are interchangeable. Accurate assembly ensures that the module is respected. The Clestra Hauserman Synchrone wall provides fast office fitting outs thanks to movement of panels.