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FDES Declaration

Environmental and Health Declaration Sheet

What is the environmental impact of our products?

What resources, especially raw materials and energy, are consumed?

What waste and emissions are generated?

These issues are wider than the products? manufacturing context and require a complete study, known as a "Life cycle Analysis".

The life cycle begins with the extraction of raw materials and ends with its end-of-life processing, and includes the following intermediate stages: production, transport, implementation and operation.

For each of these stages, the environmental input and output parameters are also analyzed:

  • Energy
  • Raw Materials
  • Water
  • Emissions and Waste discharges

The study creates a summary sheet which quantifies the Impact Indicators based on the flows emitted into and received from the natural environment in terms of:

  • consumption of resources;
  • air, water and soil emissions;
  • waste production

This sheet is the Environmental and Health Declaration Sheet.